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In India, the school holidays are not at the same time… The students of the Mahatma Gandhi International School began their photographic work a little later than the French students. But that did not stop some children from sharing beautiful vacation shots! Thank you and congratulations!
En Inde, les vacances scolaires ne tombent pas aux mêmes moments qu’en France… Les élèves de la Mahatma Gandhi International School ont débuté leur travail photographique un peu plus tard que les élèves français. Mais ça n’a pas empêché certains enfants de partager de beaux clichés de vacances ! Merci et bravo !

By Siddhartha P. / Grade 8
« Mount Kangchenjunga (far right) is located in Sikkim, India. It is the world’s third tallest mountain. The mountain rises 8,586 m into the sky. Kangchenjunga is only 125 km away from Mount Everest and is part of the Himalayan range. It is also a sacred mountain for the Lepcha and Buthia communities. The Buthias are originaly from Tibet and the Lepchas are the indigenous people of Sikkim.« 


By Shaurya  / Grade 6
« Lonar Lake is a National Geo-heritage site. It was created by an asteroid collision impact in the Deccan plateau in central India almost 65 million years ago. It is circular in shape with around 1.8 of diameter. Its average depth is 140 m. It is an important site for research by geologists, ecologists, naturalists, physicists or archeologists. The lake is famous for having both alkaline and salty waters. According to the recent research, the minerals in the lake soil are same as the minerals in the moon rock brought by Apollo. I took this picture on 28th October, 2019.« 

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